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I Am Generic

In the words of Britney Spears.....Oops I did it again....I left you guys waiting way to long for this post....So I apologise my fashionistas....(sob sob).... But I thought, what better way to treat you guys for the first time in 2012, than to show you some images from a photoshoot I did in Birmingham. This time round I had the Privilage of working with a designer called Marvin Robinson, who is the brains behind the label that is 'I Am Generic'.

I Am Generic is a newly launched contemporary unisex clothing and accessories label, established only in 2010....Buy ohhh my.. It's going from strength to strength... With artists like JLS, The Wanted and One Direction getting their grubby little paws on some I Am Generic Pieces. I even spotted some I Am Generic clothing in the JLS music video 'Take a chance on me'.....La di da or what??

But one thing I loved the most about 'I Am Generic' was the way they describe themselves as a label:

'It is something that is general and inclusive rather than specific or selective.'
                                                                                        -I Am Generic

The photography on the other hand, is by one of my favourite photographers, Sho Won. He is just amazing behind the camera. So be sure to check out his website and go contact him if you are looking to have any photos done...treat yourself a little, because he is awesome and uber cool to work with. ;] ......

Im going to stop the rambling now and show you what we created.....

If you wanted to have a little gander and grab yourself a little something, something from the I Am Generic range, you can find it on ASOS Maketplace and on haus of Genius website...
Speaking of ASOS I found this perfect little alternative to shopping at ASOS, called C C Divine Apparel , Its like shopping on ASOS, except you wont be walking down the highstreet to find 10 other girls wearing the same thing!!! :S....Soooo enjoy this little gem I found.

And that's a wrap.. I think.....So I hope the start of 2012 has been awesome for you...and I'll catch you guys on the next post or follow me on twitter @BlatantP  :P.....

Kal xxx


Its Winter Baby!!!.... In my opinion, winter is the best time to show off your swagger....Saying goodbye to the summer is never easy, partly because we feel cheated that we never had a summer but mainly because we know that all that is left is months of bleak drizzly British weather. But if you welcome in the new season with a fresh new piece for your wardrobe that is not only practical but oozes style and it makes it that little bit more bearable.  No matter how we may define our sense of style, regardless of who we are, how many 0’s appear at the end of our budget, and which style icons we follow religiously, we all need this one item.  The perfect winter coat is an essential item to help get us through these blistering months, and  without one we are not only unfashionable, but freezing. So whether you fancy yourself formal, practical, bold, flashy, bohemian, or conservative, it’s time for us all to hit the stores (or  the web) and get to shopping for that perfect Winter coat.

There are too many options to help us keep warm this season.  For all those sensible bods, who just want something simple, a pea coat is never a bad option. If you want a change from boring black and want to stick to something smart and stylish, opt for the camel-beige-tan colour spectrum, and make sure both the cut and fabric don’t appear  too heavy. I found a little selection of Pea coats you can get this Winter.

Mango - Pea coat


Asos Pea Coat
French Connection - Pea Coat

For the practical one in the bunch, consider a waterproof trench.  Again, spice it up a bit by veering away from black.  Even navy achieves a fresh look and take on the trend.  Look for something streamlined and fitted rather than bulky, but make sure that it can fit multiple layers underneath.  Take your pick....

Asos Trench Coat

Religion Trench Coat 

French Connection Trench

Like to stand out, and don’t want your coat to cramp your style?  Try a coat in a bright hue to bring out your personality while still keeping you toasty.  Winter is the time to go all out and spin that colour wheel.  No shade is too much, too bright, or too out there.  Purples,reds, pinks, oranges, greens – they all have a place in your closet this time of year. Just try to avoid looking too matchy matchy with the rest of your outfit.  No need to find bright purple shoes and purse to match the coat.  One eye-catching item is plenty you attention seeker!! :D

Karren Millen

Now this Winter sees the latest trend of the quilted Barbour Jacket, it's all about good ol' British Countryside heritage. The look I love in particular from the Barbour range is the shaped Liddesdale Quilted Jacket, it's an iconic Barbour thermal quilt which is flattering and easy to wear. Alot of people have been asking me where they can get a Barbour style jacket on a for all those who's what I found.....

Barbour Liddesdale 

Barbour Eskdale Quilted

Barbour shaped liddesdale

This style is some what risky, as not all girls like it or think they can't 'pull it off'.....yup, its the Faux fur. I personally love faux fur coats, It carries an air of sophistication and class. If you're unsure about the faux fur look this winter, just keep it simple. Try faux fur coats with solid colour. But if you want to experiment with ainimal prints, try to avoid heavy and bold prints and opt for subtle blended prints, unless you want to look like a crazy old, rich lady!!!

Motel Freya

Hope this post has answered a few Winter coat queries. There's no excuse to not look good this Winter. I'll update this blog more often aswell, as i received a few slaps on the wrist for disappearing for too long. So....Pinky Promise!!!

You guys know what you have to do, if you want to get in touch. Leave me message at or stalk  me on Twitter @BlatantP



Metsuki Boutique 

Greetings my Avant-gardeners....(the name is still a working progress) :s, But I'm here briefly to give both my male and female readers a little treat today..... 

As some of you may know...I had the opportunity to do a photo shoot recently with an amazing photographer called James Bastable....(look him up...he is pure talented behind the lens) .....Now obviously, to match an amazing photographer..I needed some amazing outfits..... that's where Metsuki Boutique came in....(props to Metsuki for lending me the clothes for the shoot)......Then I needed some hot models to keep my female readers happy........I'm proud to say was a job well done...!!! I'm going to husssh now and let the photos speak for themselves....:)....

All these clothes are available at the Metsuki Boutique in Birmingham and will soon be on their website which is currently under construction...(not so helpful..i know)...ohhh and before I run off..... the models I used in this shoot are also musicians...The hotties covered in tattoos go by the name of Karlo and Daniel Specta...and together they are 4T......also our third gorgeous model goes by the name Aaron AKA Don Piff Dpi... so be sure to check out their music... by clicking on their names..... :).....

That's it from moi....enjoy... and feel free to drop me a message on follow me on twitter @BlatantP 


Designer's Visions for AW11

Most of us haven’t had our summer holidays yet but the autumn/ winter collections are slowly taking over the fasion scene. The new season’s offerings look particularly exciting with a break from the boring browns, beiges and khakis that usually signal the arrival of autumn.

If you’re sick of summer’s delicate pleats, floaty maxis and billowing palazzos, prepare to take on a new alter ego with the help of Vivienne Westwoods, Matthew Williamson and Chanel's new collections.

Vivienne Westwood's take on AW11 is exactly what you'd expect: Glamour, attitude, rebellion and attention. The theme for Weswood's AW11 Red label collection was Royal family meets Alice in Wonderland, with her signature style of tartans, stripes and vibrant colours.

Matthew Williamson had a different vision for AW11, with inspiration from the Russain avant-garde artist Francisco Infante-Arana. His collection featured a multitude of textures and shapes. He still added his signature Kaftan style dresses. Matthew Willamson is indeed the master of mixology with his diverse styles and fabrics. I for sure have fallin in love with this collection.

Matthew Williamson AW11 Show and Backstage from F.TAPE on Vimeo.

 Chanel however went for a more androenous look, The couture collection was full of covetable pieces that every woman will want to wear, from the new suit shapes to the LED-capped shoes (well, those are more for the Hollywood set than the couture clients). there was plenty of formal wear to delight as well, from the sleek column dresses finished off with a bit of froth to jewel-encrusted shirt-dresses with feathered fringing and sheer embellished tops paired with sparkly tuxedo-style coats and jackets.While mesh boots and boater hats were reworked in every fabric from tweed to feathers.

There's a vast amount of looks you can go for this Autumn. Just remember to pick the style that suits your shape best and run with it. Ill be keeping you guys informed as we go along on this journey we call fashion. Be sure to drop me an email on with any comments or questions and follow moi on twitter.....@BlatantP.

Have fun playing around with your wardrobe this Autumn....
Love Kal xxx


So today I threw caution to the wind and allowed myself a teeny tiny break from blogging about women’s fashion to concentrate on mens.  Assuming the majority of the people who will be reading this are females, I want to talk to you ladies too. 

A lot of y’all let your man walk out wearing anything, which is fine, but there comes a point when a woman should take a vested interest in her man’s wardrobe.
This is not to say most men can’t dress, but the honest truth is, men have always been susceptible to keeping their looks at the forefront of whatever trend is hot at the moment, instead of keeping it original. 

The inspiration for this post came from a music video I stumbled across on youtube whilst organising a music event for Blatant Promotions. Now obviously I expected the people in this video to dress well, but I wasn’t expecting the lead guy in the video to be wearing an awesome orange (debatably red) pair of jeans paired with a baseball style jacket, especially with it being a grime video. However, I was glad to see a grime artist be somewhat of a positive fashion role model. You can see for yourselves on

So …I did a little digging and found out the clothes in that video are from a new up and coming brand called Licorice Label. But I couldn’t just leave it there, I wanted to get knee deep in their business, just for you guys…(cos I’m nosey yet nice like that). So I got in contact with a retailer involved with Licorice Label called Metsuki Boutique, who kindly gave me a couple sneak peak photos of their latest range to share with my loyal followers……you’re welcome!!!  

From what I’ve learnt, Licorice Label is pretty new to the fashion game. But the brand, characterised by urban style jackets, t-shirts and hats, is doing more than well in its branding, with such artists like Giggs getting pap’d wearing the full set of licorice label clothing to his music events. So it can only go upwards and onwards for these guys and I say all the best to them!!!

So if you do want to add a bit of urban edge to your ho hum wardrobe, visit the Metsuki Website on and tell them I sent y’all!!! 

Now you guys have no excuse to start slipping in the fashion department and ladies now have that one stop shop to keep your guy looking on point. Feel free to drop me an email on or a tweet on @BlatantP, for any comments, blog ideas or any reviews you’d like me to do….

Love Kal


It seems that I’m much better at reading blogs than posting on my own.  It has, after all, been a crazy few weeks.  Also scrap what I said about the weather being lovely in my last post…the weather has been rubbish.  But I still have my playsuits on hold for now.  So apologies if you went out your house in your shorts expecting the sun, only to get drenched in the rain :s Just make sure you have an umbrella at all times to stay on the safe side!!!

However, lately I’ve been going through a phase of buying random jewellery, especially rings.  If you were to look at my ring collection, you’d be able tell that I don’t go for understated and delicate jewellery.  My motto is 'the bigger and more random….the better!!….I mean rings are seriously the easiest way you can dress up a plain outfit and trust me - once you find a few pairs that you like, your hands will feel so wrong and naked if you go out without them.  Speaking of jewellery, I’ve also stumbled across this amazing website called Charming Glance.(Click Here) On the website you can either pick one of their handmade pieces or just send them a quick message saying what kind of jewellery you want and they will literally make it to your style and taste….You cannot go wrong!! So do go check it out and let me know what you think. Here are a few photos I stole from the Charming Glance website……ohhh the felonious things I do for you guys…. :)

Oh and keep me posted if you have any ideas for a new blog post  by sending me a little email to and feel free to follow me on twitter @kalberry1 ….
Love Kal


Hello my lovely AVG fashionistas.....Firstly a big huzzah for the sun to finally show its face. Time to put away those Ugg boots and jumpers because its maxi and sandals time.....Oh how I have waited so long for the excuse to wear my playsuits too, Yeeeeeey!!

Right.... now that I have that out of my system, I want to say a big thank you to everyone that came to the 'Fashionista' event on May 30th at the Custard Factory. We raised money for Macmillan Cancer support, had fun and looked damn good whilst doing it....well the models did anyway. I looked slightly moonstruck with all the pinning, tucking and accessorising. Luckily I had 3 stylists working alongside me: Alice, Rose and Khanchana, who did an awesome job and we pulled it off with minimal glitches. Overall we had 4 shows with different themes: a boutique collection from flutterby and polka dot, Graduates collection from designers Ismat Shabnam and Mataz Faraz , Alice's vintage collection called Raspberry Leotard and finally a collections from Hanoi Jane, which worked so well as the Finale show as we showcased her evening wear. Overall it was just an amazing experience and I cannot wait to do it all over again. But this time I'll lay off the free Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Oh and  I have got to give recognition to the models, style-me and the performers; Laura Bowen and Sir Rudenezz who definitely made the day just  that much better, so much so that Sir Rudenezz even did an encore. 

I'm going to leave you guys on a good note now; with a few photos of the show taken by photographer Natasha Safonova and see if you can spot a little random picture of yours truly (not my best angle). :) 

I'll be back very soon with another post, but in the meantime feel free to leave a message at

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Love Kal


Finally im back with another post!!! I'm the first to admit I haven't been the most devoted blogger recently, but I have been mega busy helping organise a charity event along side style-me fab. But I promise to supply you guys with a regular dose of AVG fashion from now on. I may even start giving you guys a little sneak peak at some secret styling tips and show you where to buy high end fashion looks at high street prices. So keep a look out or even drop me an email if you'd like me to post anything fashion based in specific in my next blog :) back to the fashion've been working along side Style-me and two great designers to create an awesome fashion event on May 30th at the old Library, Custard Factory, Birmingham. The event is a way for new up and coming artists and designers to showcase their talents and latest collections to all you fashionistas; so it was only right to name the event 'FASHIONISTA'. There's going to be everything from a fashion catwalk to concession stalls, goody bags and my personal favourite of free Krispy kreme doughnuts :).  Performers at the event will be Curtis Moore from the Xfactor, Indie artist Laura Bowen and another favourite of mine Sir Rudenezz. 

Im also proud to say the event is in conjunction with Macmillan Cancer support and 10% of all ticket sales will go to Macmillan. To grab yourself a ticket and make a difference at the same time go to THETICKETSELLERS.CO.UK
or you can simply buy a ticket at the door if your anything like me. 

But for now im signing off till next time an ill see you guys at the Custard Factory. OH and dress to impress as we have photographers who will be getting trigger happy with their cameras and you may end up getting pap'd!!!



You could take a look at history by studying wars, different economic systems, or political leaders.  But if you’re like me, the best way to look at history is through fashion!  Different fashion styles are extremely representative of different decades, and it is one of the best ways to determine what was going on during that period of time.  I mean, what’s better than looking back on flower power from the 60’s to neon leggings from the eighties?  Read on as I take you through the last few decades, starting with the sixties and seventies until today.

Oh, the sixties and seventies.  These swingin’ decades were full of different fashion trends representing all the changes that occurred during these twenty years.  This period was a time of major change and teenage revolt. The youth generation took over and made changes, they believed in liberalism and freedom.  And this was completely evident in their fashions.

While the mentality was ‘anything goes’ there are certain styles that unquestionably characterizes the hippie’s style.  Dresses were either short and skimmed the body, or long and loose like peasant dresses. The look was often enhanced with flowing ribbons in their hair and in their dresses itself. And of course there was the ever cliché, flowers. Nothing represented love a peace so much as flowers. Jewelry was mainly handmade so beads were very popular and not forgetting there was always the iconic peace sign hanging from someone’s neck.

Now say hello to the most loved and most hated fashion piece: the mini skirt. Mary Quant invented and designed this controversial jaw dropper and you better believe the women of the sixties took this and ran with it, discoed with it, boogied with it, and raved with it.  The mini skirt was loved by the youth, and hated by the older generation.  It represented the women’s movement that took place during this time, because women no longer wanted to be held back by men, and by cultural standards.  They wanted to show their skin, and they did just that.  It was also a major part of the sexual revolution that occurred during this time because the mini skirt was a major sex symbol. Young women wanted to be free and show off their sex appeal.

Now this is the decade of larger than life hair, shoulder pads jutting out of suit jackets, and one shouldered sweatshirts.  If you guessed the eighties, you are absolutely correct and most certainly in for a treat!  All of these trends continued on into the nineties as well.  These are the fashion trends stylistas would love to forget, and pretend never happened.  Although some of these less embarrassing trends are starting to crawl their way back into our lives, some of them will never see the light of day again, thank goodness!  But it is definitely fun to look back at these outrageous fashion statements, which may just be lingering in your mother’s wardrobe.

A huge trend in the eighties and early nineties was suits with shoulder pads.  The larger the shoulder pads, the better, the more stylish, and the more powerful the woman behind the suit.  While I understand that women wore these for the sense of power and equal rights, I will never understand why simply holding a demanding job didn’t do this justice.  And to be honest, I’m sure the women of the eighties will full heatedly agree. Again Jewelry was a big part of the eighties and no outfit was complete without it, and like shoulder pads, the bigger the better. Necklaces had large ornamentation and earrings were decorated to the maximum.  An item could not possibly have too much going on, meaning the colours were vibrant and the details were immaculate.  Every piece stood out and nothing was plain by any means.

The sixties, seventies, eighties and nineties were all extremely distinct in style and trends.  Then we hit the millennium. While I could list off certain fashion trends that I have seen since the 90’s, not one single style defines this generation the way bell bottoms define the sixties and seventies.  Instead, I think this millennium have been almost a melting pot of all of these decades, with a few small additions that we can call our own.

The best way to determine these new trends is by looking at the youth and what they are wearing. One major fashion trend this generation is Ugg boots. These boots are expensive, and you guessed it, ugly. Yet they are so comfortable, and for some reason seen as such a huge fashion trend. But we love these boots, and want them in every color and every style.  It is one of the biggest crazes that the past two decades have seen. Another big trend of this generation, which could technically be traced back to the eighties, is leggings. Although now we no longer wear leg warmers on top and instead have changed this trend to fit in more with how we dress today. Leggings are seen as bottoms with a simple shirt on top, they are seen as tights under dresses, and they are seen as lounging tracky bottoms. They can be dressed up or dressed down. They are seen everywhere in different colours and patterns and worn by women of all ages. And finally YAAAY! for the jumpsuits and maxi dresses. Now although this is a reasonably new decade, fingers crossed this decade will be known for our jumpsuits and maxis. But there’s plenty more to come. So keep your eyes open and look out for the next iconic look for this decade.

Peace & Love Dudes :]



The Late Alexander McQueensaville row tailors Anderson & Sheppard followed by Grieves and Hawkes where he reportedly once embroidered a suit for the Prince of Wales with the words "I am a c**t" (in the lining). Shortly after McQueen even had the opportunity to work for Koji Tatsuno & then moved to Milan to work with Romeo Gigli. With all this experience under his belt McQueen decided to apply to London’s most prestigious fashion school; Central St Martins college of Art  & Design for a master’s degree. Even without any formal education McQueen was enrolled on the spot after one look at his portfolio, leading him to graduate in 1991. The entire collection he produced for his master's thesis was bought by English style icon Isabella Blow- a remarkable accomplishment for a young graduate.

The Fashion designer quickly earned the title of ‘The hooligan of English fashion’ following his controversial styles. His outrageous designs attracted a small yet loyal clientele. It’s rumoured McQueens name came from when he was receiving benefits during his climb to fame and it was at his 1st show that he changed his name from Lee McQueen to Alexander McQueen, so he could still continue receiving his benefit cheques. It was in 1996 where McQueen’s work was fully acknowledged when the president of LVMH Bernard Arnault instated him as the head designer at Givenchy.

McQueen caused a huge stir in his 1999 Fall show, which included robots spraying paint over white cotton dresses and a disabled model strutting down the catwalk on carved wooden legs. He achieved so much and caused such an impact in the world of fashion in a small amount of time and still continues to inspire people today.

Alexander McQueen has put his stamp on fashion achieving awards such as British designer of the year in 96, 97, 2001 and 2003. He has also received International designer of the year at the council of fashion designer awards. 2000 saw a new partnership for McQueen with Gucci, serving as creative Director. At the end of McQueen’s spring/summer 2005 show McQueen once again broke barriers and amazed the fashion world, as the models became human chess pieces, whose moves were directed by a disembodied computerised voice. As each ‘piece’ was knocked out of the game, the corresponding model left the stage:

In 2006 McQueen announced his collaborative partnership with Puma, both ideal partners known for pushing the boundaries and their intricate craftsmanship. He followed on to create his own perfume range and expanded by opening more boutique stores worldwide in New york, London, Milan, Tokyo and many more. However, despite all of this success in his life, McQueen often suffered with depression, with life eventually becoming too tough for him after the death of his mother. Alexander McQueen committed suicide on the 11th February 2010, just one week after his mother’s passing. Since his death, many tributes have been paid to the designer. A limited edition book was published by Visionaire and legendary photographer Nick Knight who also made a video to the late designer’s work, which featured a track especially written for the piece by Björk. The catwalks for Autumn/Winter 2010 saw McQueen’s final collection, which took baroque and digitial prints in a rich palette of red and gold. Alexander is truly an inspirational designer and one of the most respected and creative minds in fashion.Alexander is truly an inspirational designer and one of the most respected and creative minds in fashion. McQueen has shown all you need to achieve your dream is passion and focus.

I think the idea of mixing luxury and mass-market fashion is very modern - wearing head-to-toe designer has become a bit passe. It's a new era in fashion - there are no rules. It's all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together. - Alexander McQueen.
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This next trend is again not for the timid, as its alll about the ornamental fabrics; lace, crochet and macrame.

If  you have anything lacey in the back of  your wardrobe, I suggest you pull it out this spring and try it on with everything you own.

Now you dont have to be decked out in full lace, head to toe like the models on the catwalk, just a hint of lace in your top, skirt or even your shoes is enough to stay on track this season.

The 3 major classifications of lace this season are; Lingerie inspired, Antique lace and Coloured lace.

Lingerie inspired lace is more delicate and can be combined with other fabrics like sheer chiffon. It has that certain boudoir feel, referencing for burlesque styles from the 1920's and 1950's. Expect to see delicate bows and floral embellishments in combination with sheer lace ruffles and satin details. This is deffinetly the sexiest look for 2011.

The antique style includes whites and tea stained lace that channels a romantic feeling from the 1970's.

The feel is Bohemian, Western and Romantic. You can wear it in a baby doll dress, peasant top, maxi dress and as a frilly blouse.

Stylngs with this lace includes feathers, cowboy boots and woven sandels. A variation of leather accessories will really set off this look.

The final classification is coloured lace, with an emphasis on 1950's shillouettes. Neon and bright candy colours are a big trend as we have seen in previous posts by yours truely :) So expect to see coloured lace suits, dresses and feminine skirts, mostly paired with floral fabrics and trims.

The main focus is on ladylike frills. BUT proceed cautiously as coloured lace is only for the bold and statement makers!!!

Thanks for taking time out to read this post, keep it locked to AVG for more from me and my views on fashion...


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Name: John

Occupation: Guest Services Manager for Alfred Dunhill

Favourite Shop: Dunhill

Never be caught in: Next

John’s look is immaculate - I was surprised I left him without receiving multiple cut wounds. His Prince of Wales check suit, which is from Dunhill, is a perfect fit. I could go on and on really, but I’d rather just let you bask in his stylish ambiance!


 Its not long now till Summer is knocking on our doors...So kal is back for part duece on what to wear this season!!!
If there's one rule to follow this season, it's 'The brighter the better!!!'
 Whether it's block colours, prints or stripes, it'll pay to be BOLD!!!

 This summer you're set up to have fun and liven up your wardrobe.
A dress made in a singularly potant colour is fast tracking over as a mojar trend.
 So do be shy and go wild!! Picking all the colours of rainbow that suits you!!!
The mood this season is a mix of hot pink, tangerine, lemon yellow, jungle green, colbat blue and bright coral.

You don't need to limit yourself to clothing only; block colours still make fantastic statement pieces.
Try accessories like bangles, belts, heels and bags to still stay vibrant!!

You can even encorporate this trend into your make-up. Bright eyeshadows and lipsticks are another way to compliment any outfit.
There's deffinetly no room for modesty this summer!!

So go ahead and grab a colour palette and paint your wardrobe into 2011!!!

"Fashion may fade, but style is enternal!!"

 Keep it locked to AVANT-GARDE for the next part to our journey into Summer 2011!!
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Your very own fashionista Kal is back !!! This time I'm going to intercede in the issue between guys and looking on point!!!

So.... you're going out, you put on your jeans, t-shirt and sneakers, you're thinking you're ready to go.. rite?! Now of course this makes your outfit but a majority of you guys are forgetting those small details that makes the entire outfit flow. But help is at hand at AVG where i will sprinkle that little bit of seasoning into any simple ensemble!

Let's start with working on formal wear.

So maybe your working wardrobe may not synchronise with your weekend look, but that's no excuse to start slipping on your appearance,for there is an outlet a guy can use to express that vital trace of sartorial flair.....Cuff-links! And for those label lovers there's Vivienne Westwood's silver crystal cuff-links. Using her infamous logo of the 'orb' it gives a touch of character to any simple formal outfit. So now there's a way you can maintain looking sharp and still posses your own personal style.

A must have for any guy is a statement wrist piece. 

If you're always on the look out for that watch which is out of the ordinary yet as infamous as Rado without breaking the bank, then the search is over. This black chronograph ceramic watch is the latest edition to the ceramica collection by Emporio Armani, competing with the likes of DKNY and Chanel with their range of ceramic watches. Along with the 3 sub-dial display it gives that versatile look that any man can pull off. Armani didn't forget about us ladies either ... As the ceramica collection also caters for women!!

Being on point isn't all about looking's also about smelling good!! 

One of the top fragrances is fierce by abercrombie and fitch. The aromatic fragrance for men was launched in 2002 but is still as popular as ever. Originating from the USA but now has spread world wide. With its youthful and modern day scent it will send women weak at the knees. The clean fresh scent of citrus will grab her attention and the warm musk will keep her interested. So if you don't mind a little bit of attention...abercrombie and fitch fierce is a must have!

Ill be back again soon to enlighten you fashionista's with some more styles and tips to stay on point! So remember... 

fashion is what you is what you create!!!

For any comments and queries  drop me an email at


Welcome to our very first Street Style post. 
The aim is to show and celebrate the variety of styles and the levels of creativity that the people of Birmingham possess, while hopefully providing some wardrobe inspiration to those who are in need.
Not everything is going to be to everyones style but there will always be something that you can pick up or, in the very least, appreciate.
So sit back and enjoy and remember the next time you head out that door, make that extra bit of effort. You never know you could be on here next week!

Name: Celso
Occupation: Music Producer
What we really like about Celso’s look is his subtle use of accessories. He’s wearing four pieces; the chain, bracelet, watch and sunglasses, yet they don’t seem to drown out his outfit. He also manages to pair contrasting denims, which is a very hard thing to do.


If you love Jordans, Blazers, BAPES and custom Air Max, the second edition of the uk's premier Sneaker Festival, Sneaker city would have been well worth checking out ! With over 20 stalls selling rare and exclusive trainers and apparel, the day long event also featured a WAH Nails salon, a tattoo parlour an exclusive TRAPSTAR clothing drop and some of the uk's top collectors offering an insight into the contents of their closely guarded closets, many of which hadn't seen the light of day for years !

Obviously an exclusive fashion event like this just wouldn't have been complete without the Avant-Garde team in attendance so we packed up the equipment, pulled a few hidden gems from out of the wardrobe & headed down to sneaker city for the day !!!


 original fake kaws tee preview OriginalFake KAWS T shirt Preview

The  trademark cartoon character letter style of KAWS has seen itself at the  center of various high-powered collaborations in the past. This time  around KAWS’ brand Original Fake use a simple yet instantly recognizable print on their latest series of tees which have already hit select retailers.